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Cheney Lies About The Lies He Told [part 1]

based on a report by John Aravosis. November 16, 2005

Oh this is rich. Cheney is the newest attack dog Bush is sending out to chastize Dems for calling Bush and company liars. The only problem? Cheney himself is one of the liars who repeatedly and intentionally misled the country in order to justify the war.

Do you remember...

... the one where Cheney Claimed Iraq was providing WMD training to Al-Qaeda months after the source of that story had recanted?

... or the one where Cheney claimed Saddam was harboring Al Qaeda? He wasn't.

... or the one where Cheney claimed Saddam gave Al Qaeda bomb-making expertise and trained Al Qaeda terrorists how to use chemical and biological weapons? Saddam didn't.

... or the one where Cheney claimed that there was evidence suggesting Mohammad Atta visited the Iraqi embassy in the Czech Republic? Atta didn't, and Cheney knew the supposed evidence had already been debunked, yet he repeated the charge on Tim Russert's show as a justification for the war.

... or the one where Cheney said during the VP debates last October that he NEVER had publicly connected Iraq and 9/11. Of course, he had dons so on Meet the Press a year before.

You have been reading excerpts from "Dick Cheney, who outright lied to justify invading Iraq, now attacks Demcrats for calling him on his lies" by John Aravosis. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/7t9ue. Thanks to americablog.blogspot.com. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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