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We draw enormous inspiration from three incredible groups of people:

* the pamphleteers of the [first] American Revolution, including a certain Thomas Paine.

* the brave and honest reporters of the world, who make our work possible.

* the Russian patriots who developed and operated the underground publishing system known as "samizdat". From the Wikipedia:
Samizdat ("self-published") was a grassroots strategy to evade censorship. People copied and distributed banned literature, a few copies at a time. Anyone who had a copy and access to any sort of copying equipment was encouraged to make more copies.

Samizdat copies of text were passed from one person to another. Copies were often made by hand, using carbon paper. Before Glasnost, the practice was dangerous, since copy machines, printing presses and even typewriters in offices were under control of the KGB, which had reference printouts for all of them.
Well, friends, what do you think?

The Russians did it by hand with pens and carbon paper.

We have internets, printers and photocopiers.

Do you think maybe we can do some samizdat here too?

The time has surely come.

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