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The Antithesis Of Robin Hood

based on a column by Charles Sullivan. Nov 14, 2005

Nothing in America is what we are told it is. Whenever the president—any president—speaks, we can be reasonably certain that he does not utter truth as we know it. During the past fifty years, America has not had a socially progressive president. Bill Clinton certainly was no progressive, as his detractors would have us believe. At his most liberal Clinton was nothing more than Bush lite. He twice won the presidency by out righting the right. Clearly, this was no victory for progressives. No modern era American president represents the interest of the people. They represent the rich and powerful. The same is true of Congress.

Every branch of the American government is awash in corporate money in sums so vast as to boggle the mind. Little wonder that the American government does not serve the interest and needs of the people. It serves the wants of soulless corporate entities whose only concern is unbridled bottom line capitalism.

The corporate media, as the name implies, serves the corporate interest. Little that the corporate media tells us has any relevance to truth as most of us know it. The corporate media are purveyors of lies and distortions that are used to subdue and control the public mind, often for sinister purposes. Seek alternative channels of information that flow from non corporate sources. There you will find what you need to know to be free.

Every branch of government and ninety nine percent of the media operates in the corporate interest—not in the public interest, as we all too willingly assume. America is not even close to resembling a democracy, as the national myth proclaims—it is a corporate oligarchy. It is a deeply divided society in which the rich prey upon the poor. The poor fight the wars for the economic gains realized by the power elite. It is the antithesis of Robin Hood. Here the rich routinely steal from the poor. They rob them senseless and call it democracy!

You have been reading excerpts from "Iron Fisted America" by Charles Sullivan. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/blpdj. Thanks to Charles Sullivan and informationclearinghouse.info. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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