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Amman Bombings: Nothing Here, Move On

based on a report by Kurt Nimmo. November 14th 2005

It is simply amazing how the corporate media can ignore the obvious fact there were no suicide bombers at the hotels in Amman, how photo evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the bombs were placed in the ceiling of the hotels, and how it makes absolutely no sense for supposed Iraqi resistance fighters to kill innocent civilians in a neighboring state.

Instead of pointing out these glaring inconsistencies, the corporate media zooms in on Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi, the Iraqi patsy alleged to have participated in suicide bombings that never occurred, as the photo evidence reveals.

Meanwhile, like a ghoulish circus barker, Secretary of State Condi Rice “said in a speech in Israel, where she tried to revive Arab-Israeli peace hopes, that she was very encouraged so many Jordanians had spoken out against terrorism since the attacks, which killed 54 mostly Jordanians. Thousands have held rallies and candle-light vigils in recent days,” according to Reuters.

Once again, the corporate media fails to mention the obvious, taking us for fools and chumps—there is no such thing as “Arab-Israeli peace hopes,” since Israel has no intention of ever engaging in peace with Arabs, either in occupied Palestine or anywhere else, and are more than likely responsible for the Jordan “suicide bombings.”

Finally, the corporate media pretends Arabs are attending “rallies and candle-light vigils” en masse, when in fact most Arabs believe Israel and the United States are responsible for these increasingly frequent and deadly terrorist attacks, thus proving Arabs living under authoritarian governments (supported by the United States) are more intelligent than the average American.

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