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Violence Leads Only To More Violence

based on a report by Sabah Ali, as quoted by Dahr Jamail. October 8, 2005

Dr.Hamdi Al-Aloossy, General Director of the Al-Qa’im hospital, confirmed that the majority of Al-Qa’im's population of 150,000 had left the city, and that only the disabled and those who preferred to stay remained. He also confirmed that many of the casualties he treated were women and children. He explained that the families are not afraid of the bombing, the fighting or the mortars as much as they are afraid of an American-Iraqi invasion of the city, something which many families mentioned too.

According to Dr. Hamdi: “After the families saw what happened in Tal-Afar on TV, and after the threat of the Defense Minister to attack Al-Qa’im, they were terrified. The immigration was crazy. It was an irresponsible statement by the Defense Minister. There were no military evacuation orders. These thousands of children and families are living in the wilderness in very bad conditions. A child of two months got seven scorpion stings. Another two families of 14 members each got poisoned because of canned food. The health security in the camps is zero. And the health security in the bombed and attacked areas is 100% at risk.”

“It makes me cry to think of those families. Child mortality increased three times due to ordinary illnesses because we do not have any vaccines, and no electricity to keep them. Women health cannot be surveyed, many of them moved out of town. We used to receive 200 a day, now 15-20. We do not have regular statistics. But we can say roughly that the death percentage due to women cases increased by two times.”

“We repair the hospital every two months; the glass, the water; the electricity…and it is bombed again, the government has to do something about this. Violence leads only to more violence.”

You have been reading excerpts from "Violence leads only to more violence." by Dahr Jamail. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/cffng. Many thanks to Dahr Jamail. We visit dahrjamailiraq.com often and we hope you will too.

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