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Stop the Troops!

based on a column by Ingmar Lee. October 27, 2005

The American military, from top to bottom, is a hideous blight on our planet. There are no innocents in this massive killing machine. There's no "honor" in volunteering for the world's largest terrorist organization, now under the command of the deceitful, criminal cabal led by George W. Bush. American soldiers are well trained to kill, and obviously, to torture, and they go off to Iraq all of their own "free will." They know that they will kill, and that they may die. There will not be any "honor" or "glory" for these stupid youngsters who continue to volunteer themselves for "duty" in Bush's appalling adventure.

The idea that you can "Support the Troops" and be against what they do in the world is simply irreconcilable.

Some people are finding similarities between the Iraq and Viet Nam "quagmires". But nobody is talking about the single fundamental difference between these two heinous crimes against humanity. In Viet Nam, young Americans were forced to participate in the slaughter, whereas in Iraq, those troops all go there voluntarily. In Viet Nam, more than a few times, courageous soldiers shot their own commanders, rather than comply with some atrocious order.

I dreamed recently that the world's most humoungous terrorist weapon of mass destruction, the aircraft-carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, had been sunk by inside mutineers. For those who love what America is supposed to stand for, that would be a supreme act of military heroism.

The American Peace Movement would do well to bite the bullet and stop adding to the litany of phony glorifications heaped on those who are "serving", and those who have died in the American attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. They need to spread the message that joining the American military is a vulgar, stupid offence against humanity. The soldiers should be actively discouraged from participating in the first place.

You have been reading excerpts from "Stop the Troops!" by Ingmar Lee. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/8uopq. Thanks to counterpunch.com. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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