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On Liberating Something

based on an item by Larisa Alexandrovna. October 15, 2005

To date, since being un-elected to office, Bush has been very successful in setting free, releasing, emancipating, and unleashing the following:

-- America has been delivered from the cage of global respect and forced adherence to a high standard of decency and can now be internationally lawless, violent, chaotic, and lower than fleas on the backs of gnats in all things respected.

-- The national debt has been released to ascend sky-high, infinitely free to rocket above the ether into imaginary numbers.

-- American journalists have been released from their forced labor under the dire conditions of standards and are finally free to create reality out of thin air, made possible largely through the intervention and kindness of the White House and the lovers of a good piece of fiction who inhabit that dwelling.

-- Corporations, those victimized, large-bodied legally defined individuals, are now emancipated from the cumbersome and long suffered shackles of law, ethics, decency, respect for human rights, worker rights, and the health of a vibrant and thriving America.

-- Terrorists, that once smallish, disjointed, group of wing nuts seen as, well, wing nuts and having little support, because they were seen as wing nuts, have now been liberated the world over to join together as a nation fighting for a cause in large numbers.

-- Prisoners of war have been emancipated from life, free to join God and the angels.

-- Halliburton has taken its rightful seat as the federal bank, no longer having to steal in order to survive; it can now live long and prosper.

You have been reading excerpts from "On Liberating Something" by Larisa Alexandrovna. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/d85co. Thanks to Larisa and huffingtonpost.com.

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