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Roll, Wheel: September 24, 2005

based on a report by William Rivers Pitt. September 24, 2005

[10:55 AM] The crowd here is incredibly large already, and the march itself is still more than an hour off. All the rebels and so-called outsiders here are suddenly in the majority according to all the polls. Roll, wheel.

[11:00 AM] Amtrak service from New York has been delayed for 2 hours. A spontaneous demonstration erupted at Penn Station as delayed passengers chanted, "Bring the troops home now!"

[11:13 AM] The crowds around us are swelling. A lot of the people here are protesting the war for the first time. I am also seeing a lot of young people. Good stuff.

[11:31 AM] We have to march around a clot of counter-demonstrators who are being thunderously shouted down. The Iraq veterans are here. The streets of DC are wild.

[11:48 AM] The soldiers are here, too, doing their martial law exercise. The Raging Grannies are getting ready to sing. The people keep coming.

[12:06 PM] The march just got huge all of a sudden. Medea Benjamin has taken control of things here on the street. Cindy Sheehan just took the stage and the whole place went berzerk.

[12:42 PM] It is pretty safe to say that there are more than a hundred thousand people here. Many more. Welcome to the majority.

[12:56 PM] The crowd is all lined up and ready, shouting, "Let's go!" in one voice.

[1:11 PM] They are running a long rope through the crowd. Attached to the rope are pictures of every soldier who has died in Iraq. It took a long time to pass my spot. Next to me was a woman whose son is over there. She had a look on her face I can't describe.

You have been reading excerpts from "Camp Casey Goes To Washington" by William Rivers Pitt. You can read it all here: tinyurl.com/bdus4. Thanks to truthout.org. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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