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Imagine What Will Happen

excerpts from a column by Mike Whitney. August 30, 2005

When the military serves the narrow interests of elites it becomes little more than a resource-acquisition tool; a bloody-weapon to be used by private industry.

We can see the effects of this in both Iraq and Afghanistan, where the military has seized dwindling resources and is providing security for the corporations that are exploiting that wealth. It's nothing more than massive "protections-racket" designed to legitimize theft.

The US military is the face of the modern war-machine; a highly-technological, finely-tuned instrument designed for aggressive warfare. The Pentagon is no longer expecting to fight large territorial conflicts, but instead is developing a fighting force to "preemptively" attack those nationalist or revolutionary forces that may disrupt global commerce.

When Bush says, "We will confront emerging threats before they fully materialize;" he is simply articulating his intention to initiate hostilities according to his own arbitrary inclinations.

As Abu Ghraib and Falluja prove, the administration's decisions are not affected by either moral considerations or the rule of law; it's merely a matter of whether superior firepower will achieve their stated objectives.

The only real threat to this system is the transformation of consciousness that is sweeping across the world. It is a rising tide that has stopped the American juggernaut in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rumsfeld's military is hopelessly bogged down in the Sunni Triangle and he's barely two years into his New American Century. Imagine what will happen when global resistance really begins to appear?

You have been reading excerpts from "'Transformation' and the Beginning of Global Resistance" by Mike Whitney. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/a7acj. Thanks to Mike Whitney and uruknet.info.

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