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Huge: September 24, 2005

based on a report by William Rivers Pitt. September 24, 2005

[1:25 PM] Apparently, there is a huge gathering of cops in battle gear up the line waiting for us. The march has stopped again and I don't know why.

[1:46 PM] The march is unable to move because there are so many people coming in from all directions. Constitution Avenue is a wall of humanity. I am up on the hill that holds the Washington Monument, looking down on the crowd. This is a massive, massive showing. Hot damn.

[2:14 PM] I cannot find the front of the crowd. It is splayed in all directions.

[2:23 PM] CNN is estimating the crowd here to be more than six hundred thousand strong. Wow.

[2:31 PM] I just overheard ten cops getting new orders to move barricades and open the streets further. They are scrambling to control the size of this thing. The march has finally begun again, and a light rain is falling.

[2:57 PM] Huge. Absolutely massive. Loud. Pissed. Beautiful. Did I mention loud? Haven't seen the riot cops yet.

[3:07 PM] Someday the Left will come up with new slogans. Hey hey, ho ho gets really tiresome after four or five hours. I'm just sayin'.

[3:19 PM] The Black Bloc is on the move, passing me right now and talking about burning down McDonalds. I am going to follow them a bit to see if they start any chaos.

[3:24 PM] The Bloc just flipped a dumpster into the road. They are trashing newspaper boxes and leaving them in the middle of the streets. The cops are moving in.

[3:32 PM] The Bloc went one way, I am going another. The cops were laughing at them.

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