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How Did Americans Become Mongol Terrorists?

excerpts from a report by Dr. Sam Hamod. September 11, 2005

As an American citizen, I cannnot understand why our military is behaving like mongol terrorists in Iraq.

Why are they massacring civilians, terrorizing cities, pretending that ordinary citizens are "terrorists," bombing wedding parties and then justifying them by saying that they "appeared to be congregating and were a threat because of that," and "we shot him because he was taking dangerous pictures that could have been used against us," and when speaking of killing a Reuters cameraman, "he was in the way, taking pictures."

How has our country and our military sunk to such a low level of morality? How have our military boys and girls been taught to be beasts?

How have they been transformed from caring, Christian kids into brutes who kill and are happy they killed men, women and children? Who taught them that Iraqis were animals to be hunted and killed?

Who taught them that it was o.k. to go in and terrorize a city like Fallujah, bombing mosques and killing men and boys because they protested the American brutality?

Who taught them to go in and terrorize a city like Tel Afar and laugh about it and say it was because of "terrorists"--when it was ordinary citizens they were attacking and killing--often people who were huddled in their homes with fright?

The only answers I have are GW Bush, the devil Dick Cheney, the brute Donald Rumsfeld and the evil pusher, Wolfowitz. If you have any better answers, please let me know.

Dr. Sam Hamod, editor, www.todaysalternativenews.com

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