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Election Night: Rove Used His Own Data

excerpts from a report by Rachel Clarke, BBC News. November 6, 2004

On election night, Mr Rove was in the White House, where, unusually for a political adviser, he has an office.

He set up computers in the Old Family Dining Room and started tabulating results.

He had set up a massive network of contacts, not just in state capitals, but individual districts and precincts to monitor turnout and support.

Early exit polls quoted by media seemed to give Mr Kerry the edge, but colleagues said Mr Rove indicated right away that they did not tally with his information.

He used his own data to put Ohio and Florida in the Bush column -- bringing cheers from the president and his family when he went into the Roosevelt Room and told them.

And when the TV networks gave either Ohio or Nevada to Mr Bush but not both -- which would have led him to be declared as the winner -- Mr Rove was one of the president's aides who got on the phone to news chiefs to try to pressure them to change their minds...

... then interrupting a live broadcast on CNN shortly before the president's post-election news conference, when the correspondent was talking about [Rove's] role.

You have been reading excerpts from "Drawing up blueprints for Bush victory" by Rachel Clarke. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/c2qr3. Thanks to BBC News: bbc.co.uk. Real journalism is still alive in Britain.

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