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Did Deliberate Sabotage Open The Floodgates?

excerpts from a report by Cameron McLaughlin. September 11, 2005

My neighbors are lifelong New Orleanians. Most of their family has evacuated to here, but one nephew who had a broken leg was trapped in New Orleans and was only able to leave a few days ago.

I talked to his uncle today about these allegations that the levee was deliberately blown. His nephew was nearby and confirms that residents heard a series of explosions before the levee "failed".

Another deliberate act of sabotage was the opening of floodgates in another location that was announced in advance by radio.

Such an act to sacrifice a poor neighborhood in order to spare an expensive one is not unprecedented in New Orleans history.

I spent most of my teenage years in New Orleans and have spent much time there since. The rest of the world really can't comprehend the depth of racism and class disparity in New Orleans.

I have no doubt that Rep. Baker's recent remark that the public housing problem has been solved by God when it couldn't be accomplished legally any other way is entirely reflective of the rapacious developer mentality in the region.

They have wanted to rid NO of its poor for years in order to snap up desirable real estate. As with everything else in America, it's about depopulating the unwanted so that the rich-boy powermongers can do what they want.

Such is the South. Such is the US.

You have been reading excerpts from "New Orleans: 'deliberate act of sabotage was the opening of floodgates'" by Cameron McLaughlin. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/bpmtf. Thanks to globalresearch.ca. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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