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Criminal Plot Underway in the New Orleans Swamp

excerpts from a report by Kurt Nimmo. September 3, 2005

It is mighty suspicious the New Orleans "refugees" are being relocated far and wide.

Most of them will probably never return and will end up in ghettoes in Baton Rouge, Houston, and elsewhere.

It is obvious the Superdome -- where old people and babies died and gangbangers roamed free to terrorize, murder, and rape -- and the convention center are designated departure points for depopulating the ruined city.

Abandoning people at these departure points -- sans water, food, or medical care -- was part of the psychological warfare plan: people are desperate to escape these two fetid and disease-ridden prisons and are thankful to be relocated, probably to never return.

Most of them are unaware their homes will be bulldozed by Halliburton and the land sold for pennies on the dollar to corporate developers.

The rebuilt New Orleans will be a casino and tourist destination with time-share condos and luxury housing.

"FEMA privatized hurricane disaster recovery planning for New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana. The firms that received the contract are big GOP contributors," writes Wayne Madesn. For some reason I am not surprised.

Chances are pretty good we will never know what happened in the wake of Katrina.

You have been reading excerpts from "Criminal Plot Underway in the New Orleans Swamp" by Kurt Nimmo. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/8g6az. We visit kurtnimmo.blogspot.com often and we hope you will too.

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