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'Centrist' Donkeys: Elephants In Disguise

excerpts from a column by Lucinda Marshall. August 31, 2005

Democratic Senators Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton recently sent out a fundraising letter. An acquaintance of mine who received the letter tells me that it also included a questionnaire asking him which issues were on his mind. But there was something very strange about the questionnaire. In the list of issues you could check off, they forgot to include anything about Iraq. My friend was rather peeved about that because as it turns out, he is mighty concerned about Iraq.

But perhaps the omission isn't so strange after all. The Democratic leadership seems to be of the opinion that the crucial issue is how best to achieve success in Iraq. Given that, it is unlikely they want folks telling them they're concerned that the 'war on terror' is going badly.

At a time when most Americans are beginning to wonder, "Where's the exit?", the Dems seem hell-bent on trying out for the dance band on the Titanic. The party line of the day seems to be keep mum about Iraq, and if pressed, bad-mouth the war critics and call them un-American.

The Democratic faithful are busy drumming up support for the troops, in a ploy clearly designed to show that the Donkeys are just as patriotic as the Elephants. But apparently the DNC party leadership hasn't seen the recent polls that indicate that most Americans no longer support this war. We know we've been lied to and we want accountability. Above all, we are tired of seeing our loved ones come home in body bags for reasons that keep shifting.

The Dems’ delusion that the name of the game is to convince voters that they can do a better job of winning the war is insupportable. This isn't a 'winnable' war and it is well past time to acknowledge that the Empire is butt-naked.

What Americans want is a plan to end this deadly misuse of our military might.

You have been reading excerpts from "The Democratic Unraveling" by Lucinda Marshall. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/7z6ut. Thanks to dissidentvoice.org.

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