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BLACKOUT!! Washington DC, September 24, 2005

based on a report by William Rivers Pitt. September 24, 2005

[4:08 PM] A CNN.com article says, "More than 2,000 people gathered," for the protest. Ye Gods, ya think so? Whoever wrote that article should maybe tune in to the TV station they work for. There are 2,000 people on about 20 feet of sidewalk ... for a dozen blocks.

[4:18 PM] CNN Headline News is reporting that this is the largest anti-war protest in DC since the war started. Someone should tell the goon who wrote that online article. 2,000 people my hind foot.

[4:26 PM] CNN reported earlier in the day that 600,000 people were here. That seems, to me, a little bit of an overcount. I cannot be sure because this thing is spread in all directions and I'd need to be in a helicopter to get a good idea. I have been covering these things in DC and New York since they started, and I feel comfortable saying there are at least 300,000 people here right now.

[5:11 PM] I am receiving reports from a variety of sources that this march has been virtually blacked out by the television media. CNN threw that big number out earlier, and Headline News made mention of it, but that's all. The hurricane is dominating the news, and even C-SPAN has Generals on talking about predicting hurricanes and storm response.

As frustrating as this is, I can understand it. Rita was a bad storm, made all the worse by Katrina. The oil infrastructure just took a beating, and water is flowing back into New Orleans. Besides, these TV yahoos have never covered these protests with any kind of accuracy or interest before, so why should today be any different?

Psssst ... we are the majority now.

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