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You Are Not An American

excerpts from a column by Larisa Alexandrovna. August 19, 2005

Those of us who understand our duty to the Constitution also understand that the current leadership of this nation and the followers of that leadership are merely land dwellers, either lost in a world of symbols or cloaking themselves in our symbolic garb.

These land dwellers or homelanders claim allegiance to the flag and yet are willing to dismantle the Constitution. They support the President, but not the duty of the Office.

The homelanders, be they Republican, Democrat, Christian, Muslim, etc., claim their Americanism with incredible fervor and rabid acts of misguided citizenship. They do not comprehend the simplicity of the equation, the "either/or" of the argument.

Unfortunately, the impasse we have arrived at is the final barrier, which if crossed, destroys any prospect of a future America. We can no longer sit down and address this as simply an issue to work through.

Either you are an American because you place the Constitution above your own personal values or you are not an American precisely because you downgrade the Constitution as subservient to your personal values.

There is no olive branch that would allow for a compromise on the Constitution. You either uphold your obligation to the Constitution or you are not a citizen. By compromising on that principle we would eliminate the very principle itself. Politics has nothing to offer here.

This is not an argument that belongs in the political sphere. This is not a religious principle or market-oriented debate. There is no middle or center or compromise on something as basic as the infrastructure of our government, the basis for our entire legal system, and the only thing that has ever defined what being an American is.

You have been reading excerpts from "You are an American" by Larisa Alexandrovna. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/c39zx. Thanks to Larisa and huffingtonpost.com.

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