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Why Is The Left Lining Up Behind Cindy Sheehan?

from Hoffmania.com August 16, 2005

A grieving mother, looking for answers as to why her son was killed in Iraq, came to Crawford, Texas and holds vigil to find them. Since then...

* The commander-in-chief who sent our troops into Iraq refuses to spend one minute with her, deciding instead to "get on with my life."

* The same man "answers" her via his Saturday morning radio address, hiding behind his listeners.

* A radio host with zero military experience (and four sons of military age NOT serving) brings almost a busload of his listeners to yell "We don't care!" at her before retreating back to Dallas. One after another, other "clever" radio hosts follow suit.

* She gets smeared and slimed by right-wing media pundits, accusing her of being a left-wing nut and a media whore.

* A local lunatic fires a gun several times, saying he's practicing for "hunting doves."

* Another lunatic plows his truck over roadside markers honoring the war dead.

* Her reputation has been muddied by people who don't even know her or the pain she feels.

* And much more.

All because this woman traveled over the miles to a desolate Texas farmland to ask her president one simple question about her dead son. So YEAH. We will adopt Cindy Sheehan. We are taking her under our wing. We are going to watch out for her. We do have her back.

You have been reading excerpts from "Why Is The Left Lining Up Behind Cindy Sheehan?" from Hoffmania.com. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/8ppwg. Thanks to hoffmania.com.

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