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We Are Not Going To Win This War

An Iraq Vet talks to Celina R. De Leon

We are not going to win this war. The longer we are there, the more people are going to join the fight against us.

We asked detainees why? Most said because they had lost a family member.

Most families are three to four people and every time we kill one insurgent, they recruit two to three new members that may have not hated the U.S. until they lost a family member.

It's the same as if they invaded here. Most households have a weapon in the house. That's millions and millions of weapons and people that are willing to protect their family and country from foreign invaders. They won't give up until we are all gone off of their soil.

I think Rumsfeld needs to spend some time over there and see how out of control it has gotten in just two to three years. If he thinks that we are going to somehow magically regain control of that country, he really has no idea as to the severity of the situation over there.

Within two to fours years they won't have a large enough army to fight anything with the enlistment and re-enlistment rates that I'm hearing. I got out and I will never go back there. My brother is getting out also because of the mess over there.

I took an oath to defend my country when I enlisted. Iraq has nothing to do with defending my country. I didn't sign up to defend someone's personal interests, whatever it may be.

The troops aren't the ones who make the decisions. They just follow orders and do what they can to make sure they get home in one piece. I think I have opened some people's eyes as to what is going on. I try to explain it impartially and let them make up their own minds as to whether it's bad or good. I just want to make sure they know what really goes on.

You have been reading excerpts from "A Soldier Speaks: Zechariah", by Celina R. De Leon. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/e29dc. Thanks to informationclearinghouse.info. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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