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Thursday Morning, 8/11/2005; Crawford, Texas

excerpts from a report by William Rivers Pitt. August 11, 2005

8:19 AM: Light dawns on marble head. We are back at the site. A large contingent of military families is coming in, and the camp press conference is in about two hours.

8:19 AM: An Iraq war veteran named Goodrich has arrived with his decorations and salad bar on his camo shirt. It is warming up.

9:15 AM: There is a smoking gun right here in camp. It has been reported that the US started bombing Iraqi sites well before the so-called diplomacy was completed, to deplete Iraq's war capabilities, and also to goad Saddam into a war. For many, this is prima facie evidence of a war crime. Tim Goodrich, Air Force veteran here in camp, participated in that bombing while in Iraq. We have an interview with him which will be up later today.

9:52 AM: There is a large gathering of press here waiting for the conference. Lawyers are here with Complaints to be filed regarding infringement of First Amendment rights. The cars keep coming and coming. Another convoy of cops and trucks just went slamming by.

10:18 AM: The police have brought in a health inspector. Maybe they think campers are pooping on private property. Not happening. Everyone goes to the Peace House.

10:25 AM: The health inspectors are poking around in every tent, backed up by the sheriff and a deputy. They are surrounded by clicking cameras.

10:47 AM: I am destroyed. Cindy and the other families of the fallen just had their press conference. By the end, all were weeping. All denounced the war, Bush, and demanded the troops be brought home. It ended with these families just holding each other, surrounded by flowers and cameras, to the side of the Arlington West cemetery that has been erected here. We will get our footage of this up as soon as we can.

You have been reading excerpts from "One Mother's Stand" by William Rivers Pitt. You can follow along on the internet here: truthout.org/cindy.shtml. Thanks to truthout.org. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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