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Thursday Afternoon, 8/11/2005; Crawford, Texas

excerpts from a report by William Rivers Pitt. August 11, 2005

4:20 PM: Here is the latest information from Buddy Spell, the house attorney for Camp Casey: "We've met for the last hour with two representatives of the McLennan County Sheriff's Office - Lt. Side Franklin and Sgt. John Kolinek." The legal team and the Sheriff's office have a deal with the shared stated goal of having no one arrested, period. And we are prepared to say that any rumors of pending arrests of anyone at Camp Casey are false."

Buddy has informed us that the Texas Civil Rights Project has found contributors of portalettes so that the protesters are able to have bathroom facilities on site. They expect the bathrooms will be delivered within the next few hours. Buddy states that there are about 400 people total around the triangle. Roughly 100 media personnel and 300 protesters. He says that he has met Argentinean, Asian, German and BBC news people.

Families and supporters are building a mock-cemetery around the original tents. They have been working on the project since 6:30 AM this morning. There is a huge awning above the tents. Families on site have crosses for their children right up front, the rest are comprised of crosses for others killed in the war. They are filling up along the road, about 50 to 70 yards long, 3 deep. Buddy relates that he and the rest of the legal team feel confident enough with the deal made with the local Sheriff that the Texas legal team was able to leave, which leaves Buddy and Annie on site as house attorneys for the protesters.

5:22 PM: I may sound like a bit of a heretic saying this, but I have a rogue nerve tingling a concern right now. Until today, the group here was relatively small, everyone knew each other and everyone was entirely on the same page. Now there are a bunch of new folks here, and they all mean well, but a number of them appear to be interested in dragging the whole thing towards whatever other cause inspires them. Right now this is laser-focused. It needs to stay that way. It is a good thing this has gotten big. Don't get me wrong. But if you're coming, pledge to stick to the main tent.

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