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This Is Not About Politics

excerpts from an interview with Cindy Sheehan by John Byrne. August 8, 2005

It's incredible and it's amazing to me because I got this idea last Wednesday. I wrote an email and sent it out to my whole group about that and it turned to this amazing action and thousands and thousands of people wanted to help and be involved.

Even reporters have quietly expressed their support.

A lot of them stay after they've done an interview and after they're done taking pictures. A lot of them say, I agree with you, and I think what you’re doing is great.

I'm sure the Internet is why this thing has got huge. A lot of the mainstream media is surprised, like, where did you come from, lady? And I said I've been doing this for months, it's not like I just appeared out of nowhere.

Sheehan recalls her meeting with Bush as "surreal."

He didn't act like he was somebody who was consoling a grieving family, he acted like we were at a tea party, and we left feeling a lot worse. At the end of the interview I said, "Why were we invited? We didn't vote for you in 2000, we're not going to vote for you this year" and he said, "Mom, this is not about politics." So when he said that -- maybe because I was in shock -- I believed him.

During the Republican National Convention, her feelings soured.

He said at the RNC that he meets with families, he feels their pain, it's really hard work because he watches the news reports on TV, it's really hard work being a commander chief... and when he used it at the RNC, he used it for political gain, and that's when I thought I can use it too.

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