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They Have Built It -- Will You Come?

excerpts from a column by Ray McGovern. August 19, 2005

I believe Cindy Sheehan provides prophetic example for us all. She let herself be guided by the spirit within.

President George W. Bush had said that the sacrifice of our dead soldiers, including Casey, was "worth it." And earlier this month he added that it was all in a "noble cause."

Cindy, while giving a talk at a conference in Dallas, spontaneously asked if someone would come with her to Crawford, because she needed to ask the president what it was that he was describing as a "noble cause." You know the first chapter of the rest of the story.

She was open to the spirit within, decided to follow its prompting, and did not hesitate to claim the help she needed. Cindy used her conference speech to speak out clearly, as she has been doing for these past several months, and then she acted.

Is it not time for us -- each of us -- to be open to such prompting? Is it not time for us, amid the carnage in Iraq, amid a presidentially promulgated policy permitting torture "consistent with military necessity," amid growing signs of an attack by Israel and/or the U.S. on Iran -- is it not high time for us to speak ... and to act?

How, in God's name, can we not act?

Folks ask me what I think Cindy Sheehan and her devoted supporters need most at Camp Casey. In my view, the answer is simple: They have built it; will you come?

Your bodies are needed on site to help petition our government for redress of the grievance of reckless endangerment of the bodies and the souls of the young men and women sent off to wage an unnecessary war.

You have been reading excerpts from "There is Such a Thing as 'Too Late'" by Ray McGovern. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/9gsg5. Thanks to Ray McGovern and dailykos.com.

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