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Straight-Shootin' George Galloway

excerpts from a column by Mike Whitney. August 6, 2005

George Galloway is quite a guy. His trip to the Middle East is causing a ruckus back in London, where his criticism of Bush and Blair is appearing on the front-page of the tabloids. Congrats, George; those two deserve a good lambasting.

Yesterday he fired off another barrage, landing a direct hit on Prime Minister Milquetoast and his Texas twin. He said, "There's far more blood on the hands of George Bush and Tony Blair than there is on the hands of the murderers who killed those people in London."

Ka-boom! Right on target.

Galloway was stellar; praising the Iraqi resistance as "martyrs" and telling them that they "are not just defending Iraq, but defending the whole world against American hegemony."


Forget the media hype about suicide bombers targeting innocent Iraqis. Communiqu├ęs from the resistance have repeatedly refuted those claims saying they do not attack Iraqi civilians, only the occupiers and their collaborators in the Iraqi security services.

Who're we going to believe; the Pentagon?

Galloway nailed it when he said, "These poor Iraqis -- ragged people with their sandals, with their Kalashnikovs, with the lightest most basic weapons -- are writing the names of their cities and towns in the stars, with 145 military operations every day which has made the country ungovernable."

Game; Set; Match.

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