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Saturday Evening, 8/13/2005; Crawford, Texas

excerpts from a report by Scott Galindez. August 13, 2005

9:21 PM: 1,000 spirited supporters rallied with Cindy at Camp Casey. Today, Cindy emerged as a leading voice of the anti-war movement. During the week there were many comparisons to Rosa Parks, but today Cindy showed she is not only a spark plug but a leading voice. Cindy's Speech was a call to action, a speech that will be seen as historic.

I say a leading voice because many other family members and veterans also came out of the shadows this week and onto the national stage. We will keep bringing you their stories.

There is an abundance of hope here in Crawford. As Cindy eloquently put it, there is reason to hope again. Cindy has generated that hope. In the 60's Charismatic leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Tom Hayden, and Abbe Hoffman caught the attention of the nation. This time around that was not happening. There are many wonderful people doing wonderful work that activists know about and can relate to, but even though I believe the American people should have been inspired by them, their message didn't break through.

Cindy's stand has caught the attention of the American people, and new life has been given to the anti-war movement.

If you can make it to Crawford you must come, history is being made here. I have heard this referred to as our Selma.

The police have cooperated with every influx of people. They are now allowing people to camp near the stadium in town as an overflow, If that fills up there are plenty of parks here.

Cindy's powerful message has remained the focus, and the people she has inspired all over the country will not let that change.

You have been reading excerpts from "One Mother's Stand" by Scott Galindez. You can follow along on the internet here: truthout.org/cindy.shtml. Thanks to truthout.org. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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