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Saturday Afternoon, 8/13/2005; Crawford, Texas

excerpts from a report by Nathan Diebenow. August 13, 2005

1:48: Speakers at the rally represented Veterans for Peace, Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, and Iraq Veterans Against The War. Names of the speakers included Ann Wright, Dante Zappala, Hadi Jawad, David Cline, Barbara Porchia, Celeste Zappala, Lietta Rugger, Linda and Phil Waste, Tim Goodrich, Beatriz Salidvar, Jean Prewitt, Sheri Glover, and Sue Niederer.

Sue Niederer of Pennington, N.J. said, "Bring the troops home now and take care of them." She thanked Cindy Sheehan for making Crawford "our home for the month of August." She noted that there were 25 families with Gold Star Families for Peace at the rally and she encouraged the people at the rally to attend the September pro-peace events in Washington, D.C.

She had two questions for President Bush and his supporters: Why aren't Barbara and Jenna Bush fighting in Iraq? and Why not the children of others who support this administration's policies join this war? Niederer said that she "hoped to hell" that the draft is coming and said that she would personally like to see if any children of Bush supporters would enlist in the military.

Phil Waste of Hinesville, Ga. said that there are not traitors here as suggested by right-wing media pundits over the course of this week. He and his wife have three sons and two grandchildren, a grandson and a granddaughter who are active military. In total, they have spent over 57 months in Iraq.

Three times during the rally, there were helicopters circling. They did not look like media helicopters.

About 300 people were at the pro-peace rally. Licence plates include Virginia, Colorado, Arizona, and Missouri.

You have been reading excerpts from "UPDATES ON CINDY SHEEHAN VISIT TO CRAWFORD" by Nathan Diebenow of The Lone Star Iconoclast. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/a85z9.

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