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Pretty Hot in Crawford; Pretty Hot in Hell

excerpts from a column by Mike Whitney. August 4, 2005

Fourteen Marines will touch down at Dover Air Force Base tomorrow; their lives cut short in a brutal war that has yet to produce a rationale. The architect of that war will be landing at nearly the same time at his vacation home in Crawford, Texas; resting up from the grueling task of sending other-mother's-sons to die for nothing. Where's the outrage?

Bush won't be there when the plane touches down in Dover tomorrow; way too busy. It'll just be the bereaved families; the devastated parents, the bewildered children, the inconsolable wives and lovers. The normal collection of average people whose lives end the moment they get word that their son was killed in battle. That's all; just normal people; just shattered lives. End of story. They get a flag, and the Commander-in-Chief gets a nice long ride on his mountain-bike. Fair enough.

What'll it take to enrage the American people, to send them into the streets, to hurl them against the White House gates, to bang on their pots and pans until the politicians scramble for their bunkers? And, when will the people gather en masse in front of the Time-Warner Building, and FOX News, and MSNBC, and CNN; rattling the windows and pounding on the doors?

We don't want their war anymore; we don't want their news anymore; we don't want them anymore. Get out! Leave! Kill someone else's sons and daughters. Steal someone else's wealth. Ruin someone else's country. Just get out!

14 Marines killed in Iraq; just another footnote in the Crawford Times that Bush can pass over on his way to the sports page.

There's no place in hell hot enough for the likes of these people.

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