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New Thought Crimes

excerpts from a report by xymphora. August 7, 2005

Thomas Friedman's suggestion to create an official American list of 'excuse makers' -- people who have the nerve to suggest responses to terrorism other than never-ending war against innocent Muslim civilians -- was bad enough. Official lists quickly turn into official oppression.

In the current violent climate of the United States, merely being on a list is tantamount to being on a hit list for violent retaliation from right-wing nut jobs, and Friedman knows this. The whole point of creating such a list is to create a climate of fear of physical, economic, or official retaliation in order to repress any alternatives to Friedman's moronic approach to the 'war on terror'.

Friedman's idea of creating an official list of people with alternative approaches to the problem of terrorism is a fascist act, and he should be fired from the New York Times.

Tony Blair is now suggesting that there be a criminal offense in Britain for 'condoning or glorifying' terrorism anywhere in the world. Condoning terrorism would include Friedman's 'excuse makers', anyone who has the nerve to suggest that there might be rational reasons for terrorism which could be answered by reasonable actions by Western states, and anyone who suggests that terrorism just might have causes in the actions of states such as Britain and the United States.

That would include people such as Ken Livingstone and George Galloway, whose trenchant criticisms connecting Blair's foolish decision to participate in the attack on Iraq with the London bombings are apparently starting to bother Blair. His solution will be to throw the 'excuse makers' in jail.

The only guy who really belongs in jail is Tony Blair, a clear violator of international law, and a war criminal of the highest order.

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