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May God Forgive Us For Our Apathy

excerpts from a column by Cindy Sheehan. August 3, 2005

14 more soldiers and Marines died in Iraq today. All are still "Pending Notification." 14 more mothers are going to collapse on the ground screaming -- or in shocked silence. 14 more fathers are going to lose the better part of their hearts. Dozens of spouses, siblings, children and friends are going to be put into a tailspin of grief.

These poor people don't even know yet. They don't know that their lives are going to be devastated, ruined, emptied...forever. We don't yet know the names of these children, or of their parents. But we know the parents are not: George and Laura Bush. Dick and Mrs. Cheney. Don and Mrs. Rumsfeld. Alberto and Mrs Gonzales. Condoleeza Rice. Any Senator. Any Congress member. And on and on.

All these people will get a good night's sleep, secure in the fact that none of the 14 killed today are their children. But I can guarantee you that there are thousands of Marine families who are worried sick right now.

It makes me physically ill to know that our young men and women have been sent to Iraq to die for lies and greed. It makes me physically ill to know that 14 moms don't even know what is going to hit them yet. It makes me physically ill to remember the day I got the news about Casey and how I screamed until I wished I would die, too.

How long are we going to allow this to continue? How long will we allow families here and in Iraq to be destroyed by the evil cabal of neocons in power in our country? When will we, the 58 percent of America who want our troops home soon, raise our collective voices and DEMAND that our troops come home now?

Enough is enough. May God and the angels take those darling children -- and all the Iraqis killed this month -- into peace. And may God forgive us for our apathy.

You have been reading excerpts from "Skin in the Game" by Cindy Sheehan. You can read the entire piece here: tinyurl.com/avpyv. Thanks to informationclearinghouse.info. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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