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A Lie of Historic Proportions

excerpts from a column by Cindy Sheehan

Iraq has been the tragic Lie of Historic Proportions.

Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of current events understands that this invasion/occupation of Iraq was not about Saddam being a “bad guy.” How many innocent Iraqi people have to die before the citizens of America wake up and know that our government is a “bad guy?”

We also know that Iraq was not about WMDs. They weren’t there and they weren’t going to be there for at least a decade, by all reports.

One of the other great deceits that is being perpetuated on the American public and the world is that this occupation is to fight terrorism: If we don’t fight terrorism in Iraq then we will have to fight it “on our streets.” In fact, terrorist attacks have skyrocketed in Iraq and all over the world. So much so, that the State Department has stopped compiling the statistics and quit issuing the yearly terrorism report. I guess if one doesn’t write a report, then terrorism doesn’t exist?

The evidence is overwhelming, compelling, and alarming that George and his indecent bandits traitorously had intelligence fabricated to fit their goal of invading Iraq.

The criminals foisted a Lie of Historic Proportions on the world. The world was even shown where the WMD’S were on the map. We were told that the “smoking gun” could come at any time in the form of a “mushroom cloud” or a cloud of toxic biological or chemical weapons. Does anyone remember duct tape and plastic sheeting?

It is time to do what is correct for once and reclaim America’s humanity. It is time to hold someone accountable for the carnage and devastation that has been caused. As a matter of fact, it is past time, but it is not too late.

You have been reading excerpts from "A Lie of Historic Proportions" by Cindy Sheehan. You can read the entire piece at the website of Gold Star Families for Peace: gsfp.org.

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