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FROM: Progressive Democrats of America RE: Sept 24

We are approaching a truly significant moment in the history of PDA, the anti-war movement, the progressive movement, and the transformation of our Nation. The events planned for Washington, DC on September 24, 25, and 26 can change history. We urge you to travel to Washington, DC if you are able. Details about the events planned for those days are available on the PDA website.

The demonstration on the 24th will be a powerful expression of the will of the people that this wasteful, unnecessary war in Iraq must end. Join Progressive Democrats of America, United for Peace and Justice, and a host of progressive allies as hundreds of thousands of activists demand a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

PDA has planned a Grassroots Strategy Day on Sunday the 25th. Here you can join with other PDA activists from across the nation as we prepare to define PDA's progressive strategies for 2006 and beyond. Speakers at this event will include voting rights advocate John Bonifaz, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, PDA' s own William Rivers Pitt, progressive Congress members and their staffs, and PDA national and regional representatives.

In addition, PDA and our allies are going to take our demand for peace from the streets of the district to the corridors of Congress, when demonstrators who come to DC arrive en masse on Monday September 26th to directly lobby their legislators to end the war. Please call your Representative and set up an appointment as soon as possible to meet on September 26th.

Creating positive change requires the input and energy of everyone. Join us in our nation's Capitol to protest, lobby, strategize, and organize. Bring a friend. Bring other PDA chapter members and allies. Meet other activists from your state. Come to our website for more details. See you in DC.

You have been reading parts of a letter from "Progressive Democrats of America". They reached us via e-mail. For more information please visit their website pdamerica.org and

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