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Do Not Mess With Cindy Sheehan!

slightly edited excerpts from The Bulldog Manifesto. August 10, 2005

Message to the heartless Bush crime family: Stop messing with Cindy Sheehan, or else!

You can smear a former ambassador. You can vengefully reveal the identity of a CIA operative. You can lie and take this country to war. You can profit from the war in Iraq.

You can steal elections. You can bastardize the democratic process. You can surround yourself with phony journalists and shield yourself from the public. You can spend 20% of your time in office on vacation.

You can fake terrorist attacks and/or exploit them for your own self-interest and profit. You can use fear to rape us of our liberties.

You can hide yourself behind a cross that you certainly know nothing about. You can cover yourself in a flag while systematically destroying what the flag stands for.

You can torture children. You can manipulate poor and patriotic people to die for your bank accounts. You can ignore a genocide in Sudan. You can negligently ignore the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

You can hire Exxon executives to manipulate scientific reports on the environment. You can squeeze the middle class. You can step on the lower class. And you can go out of your way to protect your friends in the defense, oil, and gun industries......

But if you mess with a mother who lost a son in your pitifully conceived war, you will pay a heavy price with the American people! We will never forget it!

You have been reading a slightly edited version of "If You [expletive deleted] with Cindy Sheehan, You Will Pay!" from The Bulldog Manifesto. You can read the original piece here: tinyurl.com/chsyo. You can read even more from The Bulldog Manifesto at bulldogpolitics.blogspot.com. And we hope you will.

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