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Cindy Sheehan Responds To Right Wing Smear

excerpts from an interview by Cindy Sheehan, with Bill Press. August 11, 2005

Bill O'Reilly and a lot of others are saying you're just being used by the far left. Who are you speaking for?

I'm speaking for my son and the millions of people in harm's way in Iraq because of the reckless and arrogant policies of this administration. And I am getting a lot of help from a lot of great organizations. And they're here to help me, and support me. And, you know, maybe I'm using them.

If you want to use us, you can use us, anytime you want to, because...

Well how about if we all work together in a coalition and in unity and solidarity for peace? That's what it's all about, that's what I'm doing out here. It's for my son and the ones who are in harm's way, and you know, people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin and Matt Drudge, you know what? They don't have skin in the game. They don't have anybody over there. They don't have to have sleepless nights worrying about their loved ones, and for them to criticize what I'm doing and call me a traitor, I think that's despicable.

What is your message for President Bush?

He said that our children died for a noble cause. And I don't believe that invading a country, in a war of aggression, a country that is no threat to the United States of America, and then occupying that country, is a noble cause. I want to find out what the noble cause is. What does he think is the noble cause? And I want to find out, if it's such a noble cause, and if he believes in it so strongly, does he encourage his daughters to enlist?

And then I want him to quit using my son's name to continue the killing. My son was a courageous and honorable man. But he was a sweet and peaceful man, too, and for him to say that we have to complete the mission in Iraq to honor Casey's sacrifice, to me, is a sacrilege to my son's name.

You have been reading excerpts from Cindy Sheehan's interview on The Bill Press Show of August 11, 2005. You can listen to the interview here: tinyurl.com/c2tfo, thanks to thinkprogress.org.

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