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Bush Supporters Chant: We Don't Care!

excerpts from a report by Scott Galindez. August 11, 2005

9:45 PM: The last couple of hours were amazing. The soldier from Fort Hood who is being deployed to Iraq met with Cindy at the Peace House. Cindy told him that she was doing this for him and the other troops. He responded by telling that we need more people like her. The 35 year old soldier doesn't believe in this war and described Iraq as a 360 degree killing zone. This young man knows the history of the region, so he knows this an unnecessary, un-winnable war. The group talking to the soldier included Ray McGovern, and Medea Benjamin who offered to tie him to the chair so he wouldn't have to go to Iraq.

While this was happening back at the camp a busload of counter demonstrators visited the camp and laid flags in front of the crosses. The camp sang America the Beautiful as the counter demonstrators chanted "we don't care." One of the counter demonstrators showed his humanity and while visibly shaking, asked a military family member for hug. They only stayed for a short time and then got back on their bus and went home to Irving.

People are still arriving here in Crawford, preparations are under way for tomorrow's rally which is at the high school football stadium in town at 12 noon. After the rally there will be a caravan back to Camp Casey.

Back at the Peace house there is buzz in the air. The phones are ringing off the hook and messages of support are coming in from all over the country ... Corretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Barbara Lee and others have made statements of support. Cindy has awakened a movement in the country, one that George w. Bush can no longer ignore.

I am worn down from the sun and am going to get some rest now to prepare for what should be an exciting day.

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