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Are the Bush Twins AWOL?

excerpts from a report by Richard Bradley. August 15, 2005

Thanks in large part to Cindy Sheehan, people are starting to raise the issue of why Jenna and Barbara Bush aren't serving in the military.

It's a tough question, but I think it's a fair one.

The President of the United States is calling on American young people to volunteer to go to war, but his own daughters, who are certainly of the appropriate age, are better known for their drunken nightclub escapades than for any acts of patriotism.

There's a precedent for prodding Bush on this question.

Back in 1993, when Bill and Hillary Clinton moved to Washington, they decided to enroll Chelsea in a private, rather than public, school.

Because the decision seemed to contradict the Clintons' stated faith in public schools, the press asked the Clintons about that decision, and they had to defend it—publicly.

It's pretty simple, really. The military doesn't have enough soldiers; the president believes that this is a good and just war; he has two daughters who could enlist in the military, but haven't. These things don't add up.

So here's a question I think a White House reporter should ask the president: "President Bush, if your own two daughters won't enlist, how can you expect anyone else's children to join the military?"

You have been reading "Are the Bush Twins AWOL?" by Richard Bradley. You can see it in its original context here: tinyurl.com/ca6g6. Thanks to huffingtonpost.com.

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