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Why There Are No Yellow Elephants In Iraq

excerpts from a report by Max Blumenthal. June 28, 2005

Edward Hauser is a senior at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas: "I support our country. I support our troops." So why isn't he there? "I know that I'm going to be better staying here and working to convince people why we're there," Hauser explained, pausing in thought. "I'm a fighter, but with words."

Justin Palmer is vice chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans. "The country is like a body," Palmer explained, "and each part of the body has a different function. Certain people do certain things better than others." He said his "function" was planning a "Support Our Troops" day on campus this year in which students honored military recruiters from all four branches of the service.

University of Georgia Republican member Kiera Ranke said she played her part as well. She and her sorority sisters sent care packages to troops in Iraq along with letters and pictures of themselves. "They wrote back and told us we boosted their morale," she said.

Cory Bray is a senior from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. "The people opposed to the war aren't putting their asses on the line," Bray boomed from beside the bar. Then why isn't he putting his ass on the line?

"I'm not putting my ass on the line because I had the opportunity to go to the number-one business school in the country," he declared, his voice rising in defensive anger, "and I wasn't going to pass that up."

You have been reading excerpts from "Generation Chickenhawk" by Max Blumenthal. You can read the entire piece here: thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20050711&s=blumenthal. Thanks to TheNation.com.

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