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Who Murdered 32 Iraqi Children?

excerpts from a report by Layth. July 17, 2005

Results of an independent investigation of the murder last week of 32 Iraqi children, conducted by a local Iraqi news location:

- All major Iraqi Resistance groups issued joint written communiqué on Thursday proclaiming that this operation was not undertaken by any of the groups.

- Local residents stated that US forces cordoned off the street under the pretence that a vehicle (a KIA) parked in the street was wired to explode, then began handing out candy and schoolbags, attracting the children.

- When residents, fearing for their children, asked about the KIA car, the US soldiers said that it was a 'false alarm'.

- Children from neighboring streets came upon hearing of the sweets and free bags.

- About 15 minutes after entering the street, the US forces dumped the remaining toys/sweets in a pile in the middle of the street and frantically drove off, hitting 4 children in the process.

- Seconds later, the KIA vehicle exploded, killing 32 children and wounding about ten others who were gathered in the street.

- The explosion did not leave the signature traces of a TNT blast as used by the Resistance.

This evil crime was perpetrated by occupation forces with the objective of murdering Iraqi children and blaming the national Resistance so as to lessen its base of support.

You have been reading excerpts from "Who Murdered 32 Iraqi Children?" by Layth. You can read the entire piece here: iraqwar.mirror-world.ru/article/57076.

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