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Time To Tumble The Walls

excerpts from a column by W. Leon Smith and Don M. Fisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast

First, there were the Downing Street memos. Now, there is evidence of a major leak in Karl Rove’s propaganda machine.

The political compass is pointing to the White House with growing evidence that indeed the reason to go to war in Iraq was fixed either around erroneous beliefs or outright lies, hang the truth and hang the facts, either way.

Propaganda and arrogance can be a deadly mixture. Just ask 1,700 dead soldiers, thousands of dead Iraqi children, and an economically shortchanged world where terror’s shroud is growing within the halls of governments everywhere. It is a cancer without boundaries. Terror feeds upon terror. There are no innocents.

Bush’s faith-based assumption regarding WMDs — void of facts, or perhaps worse, ignorant of facts — should teach Americans to take a lesson from their Missouri counterparts with a “show me” attitude. Governance through blatant lies is treason.

The citizenry of this planet increasingly sees us, the American people, as liars and bullies because we do nothing to rein in the thugs we have elected. Even a cursory reading of the world’s press reveals that the majority of the world sees us as humankind’s enemy.

We do not live on this planet alone, and cannot survive on the pretense that those millions who fear us are irrelevant.

You have been reading excerpts from "Time To Tumble The Walls" by W. Leon Smith and Don M. Fisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast. You can read the entire piece here: iconoclast-texas.com/Columns/Editorial/2005/29editorial.htm.

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