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An Open Letter to President George W. Bush

Dear Mr. President,

We are a generous people, and in 2001 we were a naive people too. So we gave you the benefit of the doubt on September 11th of that year. You said we'd been blind-sided, and we believed you. You told us tales of incompetence in the intelligence agencies, and we cut you some slack. But that was almost four years ago. Things are very different now.

The so-called "Global War on Terror" is being run entirely according to your wishes. You have a huge new "Department of Homeland Security". Your beloved "Patriot Act" has been in place for almost four years. You've put John Negroponte at the helm of our national "intelligence". You've even set up your own domestic espionage agency! And you've given this vast security apparatus billions of dollars and unprecedented powers.

Do you think we haven't noticed these things? Think again, Mr. President. We have noticed them all -- and many more!

And we know what all this means, too. It means that this is YOUR watch, Mr. President. This is YOUR ballgame. Our national security is YOUR responsibility. And if anything happens to America now -- another "new Pearl Harbor", another murderous "bolt from the blue" -- the nation will hold YOU responsible.

YOU, Mr. President. Not Bill Clinton. Not the Democrats. Not the liberals. Not the moderate Republicans. Not your critics. You.

THIS IS YOUR WATCH, Mr. President. No more slack. No more benefit of the doubt. The spotlight is on you and no one else. And we thought you might like to know that... just in case it affects your plans.

We The People

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