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Sun Revolves Around Earth; Bush Won Ohio

excerpts from a report by Bob Fitrakis. March 8, 2005.

In order to believe that Bush won in Ohio, you have to ignore deadly accurate exit polls and accept:

* that Bush supporters were shy in Ohio and Florida and reluctant to answer exit poll questions, but not shy in Arizona, Arkansas and Louisiana;

* that pollster Zogby’s Election Day calls for Kerry in Ohio and Florida were wrong, as well as the Harris poll;

* that Mitofsky’s exit polling is flawed in the U.S. but an accurate predictor in the Ukraine for fraud;

* that Kerry easily carried the metropolitan areas of Cleveland and Columbus but lost due to an unobserved Bush surge in rural Appalachia;

* that Bush won despite an incumbent approval rating under 50%;

* that Bush got 80% or so of the undecided vote although all professional pollsters agree that undecideds generally vote for the challenger;

* that private partisan companies that secretly count the vote without paper trails are fair and honestly doing their job.

Do we simply ignore all the signs of election theft in the U.S. and accept the bizarre axiom that the universal laws of statistics that reveal fraud in the Ukraine somehow stop at the United States border?

You have been reading excerpts from "The sun revolves around the Earth and George W. Bush won the election in Ohio" by Bob Fitrakis. You can read the entire piece here: freepress.org/columns/display/3/2005/1086. Thanks to FreePress.Org. We visit often and we hope you will too.

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