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Military Diaries: 'Yadira'

I am 22, female, and have been in the army for almost two years. The whole two years has been a living hell. I have been jerked around, physically and mentally abused, and the army has taken everything for me.

I am a good natured person, and I have a lot of ambition. I joined the army as a way to obtain money and discipline. I thought it would be interesting to experience something different. I was dead wrong.

I feel like I was tricked in every way possible, and I feel very dumb. I am a unique case. I was in good standing for half of my tour. I was engaged to be married before I came in and thought it could only help me. I lost my car, my fiancee and my self-respect. I lost my sense of individualism, most of my liberal ideals, but mostly what it is to be me.

I have tried almost everything. I contacted two Congressmen, the Inspector General, and J.A.G., but to no avail. I was actually being chaptered out for serious misconduct. This is unjust as I have not done anything of a serious nature. I was late a couple of times and stood up for my beliefs in a respectful manner.

I am currently AWOL, and have been for a couple of weeks. The clock is ticking, and I don't know what to do? Is it really that horrible for me to be a deserter? Is that a myth?

I need your help. I am alone in this world with no family to turn to. I feel like I can't trust anyone.

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