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Counter-Recruiting: Keeping Kids Out Of The Military

Quotes from Counter-Recruiter Clint Coppernoll, from an interview by Kevin Zeese, published by CounterPunch.org, June 25, 2005

We are a group of concerned people and organizations that have become sick and tired of the half truths and outright lies that are being told to young Americans by military recruiters. We are focusing on three areas:

[1] Hidden in the No Child Left Behind Act is a provision known as section 9528 that requires public high schools to hand over private student information to military recruiters. Students and parents must protect themselves and OPT OUT. [Visit objector.org/girights for more details.]

[2] Get the Truth: We give out the GI Rights Hotline (800-394-9544) so students can speak with a veteran on the phone and Get the Truth.

[3] Dealing with Delayed Enlistment: Most young people enter the military through the Delayed Enlistment Program (sometimes called the Delayed Entry Program). It is very common for young people to change their minds after enlistment in the DEP. Up until a young person actually reports for basic training, they can be released from any military obligation. The official way to gain release is to write a letter to the commanding officer of the recruiting station, explaining one's decision not to report to basic training. Not reporting for basic training will result in release from any further obligation.

You have been reading excerpts from "An Interview with Clint Coppernoll" by Kevin Zeese. You can read the entire article here: counterpunch.org/zeese06252005.html. Thanks to counterpunch.org. We visit often and we hope you will too.

For more information on how to keep yourself or your kids out of the military, contact Clint Coppernoll or Carrie Hathorn at 206-963-4873.

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