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Unscrupulous Friends In High Places

The liars and hucksters of the "American Center for Voting Rights" are at it again.

The ACVR calls themselves a "non-partisan" group and claims a tax-exempt status in exchange for it. But they are two key high-level GOP operatives: Mark F. "Thor" Hearne, the General Counsel for Bush/Cheney '04, Inc., and Jim Dyke, the Communications Director for the RNC.

Hearne testified at a Congressional hearing just three days after the creation of his phony organization in March, and identified himself only as a "long time voting rights advocate". Apparently he forgot to mention his or Dyke's direct connection with Bush/Cheney and the RNC.

These guys are snake-oil salesman of the highest order. They are the antithesis of those brave advocates and activists who have given so much -- including their lives -- in the fight for a right to vote in America.

No real Voting Rights groups were called as witnesses by Rep. Bob Ney's (R-OH) trumped up Congressional Hearing on the Ohio Irregularities, but Hearne was. That, just three days after his organization appeared on the World Wide Web with a snailmail address at a P.O. Box in a UPS Mailbox Etc. store in Houston, TX, which nobody for the organization has yet to claim as their own. (Hearne is from St. Louis, MO, Dyke now lives in North Carolina).

And the cooked Baker/Carter Commission on Election Reform -- headed appallingly by Bush Family crony, James Baker, who successfully ensured that American citizens would not be allowed to have their votes counted in 2000 -- has Thor Hearne sitting as a member of their "Advisory Panel". No real Voting Rights groups have been invited to sit on that commission or its advisory panel.

It pays to have unscrupulous friends in high places. There is a special place in hell waiting for these creeps. May God save America from cretins like these.

You have been reading excerpts from "Phony GOP 'Voting Rights' Group ACVR Continues Attempts at Defrauding American Voters", by Brad Friedman. You can read the entire article here: http://www.BradBlog.com/archives/00001486.htm.

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