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Unleashing The Resistance

excerpts from a column by Karen Kwiatkowski, USAF lieutenant colonel (retired)

My gentle thoughts are increasingly turning to murder. Murder of the state. In self-defense, of course!

To murder the state you need strong citizens who understand their rights, have honed their abilities and stocked their mental and physical arsenal, and have adopted the quiet determination and moral confidence that often appears as fearlessness, but is not.

We might take a lesson from the growing Iraqi insurgency and the response of that nation nearly destroyed by our invasion and possession of that country. It is a helpful demonstration for patriotic Americans at home.

How do the Iraqi insurgents do it? How are they defending themselves from the oppressive U.S.-managed state in Baghdad? They know what they don’t want, and have made a personal commitment to resist it.

They love their country, and have no intention of leaving its future in the hands of foreigners. Some resist passively, some actively. Most Iraqis have decided to pursue one or more of the countless paths of resistance to the state. Iraqis, like Russians and East Europeans before them, honed these skills under Saddam Hussein, as we hone our skills today in early totalitarian America.

"Liberty" is a concept George W. Bush favors. He said "liberty" fifteen times in his 2005 inaugural speech, second only to his 25 mentions of "freedom." Bush didn’t specifically advocate the murder, or even the restraint, of the state. On the other hand, perhaps he did.

The way ahead is clear. We should promote our Great Leader’s love of liberty and resist, resist, resist!

You have been reading excerpts from "Unleashing the Resistance", by retired USAF lieutenant colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, who spent her final four and a half years in uniform working at the Pentagon. You can read the entire article at: www.lewrockwell.com/kwiatkowski/kwiatkowski113.html. For more from Karen Kwiatkowski, vsit lewrockwell.com/kwiatkowski/kwiatkowski-arch.html.

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