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Ten More Good Reasons To Impeach George W. Bush

1. He chose Halliburton toady Dick Cheney to be his running mate -- twice.

2. He is attempting to dismantle the Social Security system.

3. He has failed to develop a coherent energy policy and fails to acknowledge the reality and impending disasters of Global Warming.

4. He has undermined the legitimate protective protocols of the C.I.A., politicizing the agency, awarding positions on the basis of ideological orthodoxy rather than merit.

5. He has subjugated his Administration to Neocon ideologues, sowing the seeds of war and destruction for generations to come.

6. He has allied himself with dictators in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt and elsewhere. He has increased the flow of arms to these states and others, fomenting instability and turmoil.

7. He chose Rumsfeld as DoD Secretary twice, in spite of Rumsfeld's obvious failure to adequately plan for the post-Saddam era in Iraq.

8. He endorses the weaponization of space, "Rods from Gods," and other exotic, Star-Wars technologies.

9. He lied about, misled, or misunderstood the astronomical costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

10. He has continued and enlarged the depraved Clinton policy of using depleted uranium on the battlefield.

You have been reading excerpts from Gary Steven Corseri: "25 Reasons to Impeach George W. Bush". For more information, please see the original at counterpunch.org/corseri06062005.html. Thanks to counterpunch.org.

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