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Seven Things We Learned About 9/11 In 2004

1. The World Trade Center Black Boxes were recovered, even though officials continue to claim they weren't.

2. FEMA really did arrive early in New York City, for the "bioterror drill" Tripod II, and Rudi Giuliani's testimony to that effect before the 9/11 Commission is its only public testimony which remains officially untranscribed.

3. The Total Information Awareness program was ready to roll out before Sept 11, and John Poindexter's office was established in the Pentagon no later than Sept 12.

4. A recording of six air traffic controllers' same-day detailing of their communication with two hijacked planes on September 11 was purposefully destroyed by the FAA.

5. NORAD was conducting a live-fly simulation of multiple hijackings on the morning of 9/11, which effectively hamstrung a fighter response already compromised by exercises which took the bulk of interceptors far from the eastern seaboard.

6. Dick Cheney was running a separate command and control communications system on 9/11, which whistleblower Indira Singh said was "the exact same functionality I was looking to utilize [for] Ptech," the high-tech terrorist and intelligence cut-out that "was set up in the basement of the FAA" for two years before the attacks.

7. George Bush was unwilling to reluctanctly meet members of his reluctantly struck 9/11 Commission unless Cheney accompanied him, both were unsworn, their words were unrecorded and untranscribed, the meeting was private and in the White House, and the members' notebooks were confiscated afterwards.

You have been reading excerpts from Ten things we learned in 2004 about 9/11, by Jeff Wells. For full details and live links, see the original post: tinyurl.com/6wbgo. To read more from Jeff Wells, visit his excellent blog: RigorousIntuition.blogspot.com/.

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