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The Second Falluja Massacre: November 2004

excerpts from a report by Fadhil Al Bedrani. June 27, 2005

The second massacre began on November 1st, not on Nov 8th as the Americans said. Their pretext was the Allawi Cabinet asked their help. Days before the strike, flyers were distributed asking the people to stay at home, otherwise they would face danger. Those who stayed were surprised when the bombing targeted the houses first. I saw the women, children and elderly people were running fear of bombing here and there.

On Nov 15th, in Goulan area, 20-25 persons were running barefooted when an American warplane bombed killing and wounding them; only one elderly woman and 2 children stayed safe under the rubble of a bombed house. The dead bodies were left in the street for 20 days; because of the lack of first aid, most of the wounded died.

I think all remember the TV images of killing an unarmed wounded young man; that was on Nov 14th, in Hussein Shalash mosque in Al Shuhada area, south Falluja. Maybe nobody knows that the same American soldier with the same gun killed three others.

On Nov 25th, 15 American soldiers a house at Bathara area, central Falluja, three civilian men were there; one was handicapped, the second 61 years old and the third was 52 years old. The only one who stayed alive said, "When the Americans entered the house they saw that we were sitting unarmed; 14 left and the last one threw us a grenade saying -bye-. Two were seriously wounded I with my slight wounds tried to help them but after a while they were back; I pretended dead while the other two were suffering. They put a bullet in every head and left.

The doctors and the staff of the Falluja hospital were detained on Nov 15th; the warplanes bombed the alternative hospital in downtown the town; bombed the medicines warehouses in Nazzal area; killed 4 doctors, 8 medical workers.

You have been reading excerpts from "Collective Punishment", by Fadhil Al Bedrani. You can read it in its entirety here: uruknet.info/?s1=1&p=13125&s2=28. We visit uruknet.infooften and we hope you will too.

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