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Bush Sets Up Domestic Spy Service

excerpts from a report from BBC News. June 30, 2005

US President George W Bush has ordered the creation of a domestic intelligence service within the FBI, as part of a package of 70 new security measures.

The new measures form part of Mr Bush's overhaul of US intelligence agencies. The FBI is to be re-organised, and will include another new intelligence body called the National Security Service. It will assume responsibility for intelligence work within the US, and combine the Justice Department's intelligence, counter-terrorism and espionage units.

John Negroponte, who was given the new job of US director of national intelligence in April, will be charged with putting the changes into effect. Other measures include:

* An executive order allowing US authorities to seize the assets of any person or any company thought to be aiding the spread of WMD, targeting specifically eight companies including two from North Korea, one from Iran and one from Syria

* The establishment of a national counter-proliferation centre, to centralise US efforts to stop the spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons

* Giving control of all overseas human intelligence operations to the CIA

* Seeking the creation of a new assistant attorney general position to centralise responsibility for intelligence and national security at the Justice Department.

Americans have long resisted the growth of domestic intelligence agencies, believing they pose a threat to civil liberties.

You have been reading excerpts from "Bush Sets Up Domestic Spy Service", from BBC News. You can read the entire piece here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/low/americas/4636117.stm. Thanks to BBC for this and much else. We visit news.bbc.co.uk/text_only.stm often and we hope you will too.

For more information about director of national intelligence John D. Negroponte, please see: sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=John_Negroponte

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